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Interior Design

We design and create functional spaces for comfort and good living. Our understanding of ergonomics, spatial concepts, ethics, aesthetics and psychology helps us design your dream space.Our team understands your need and solutionizes with structural living areas to improve quality of living. We operate principally in the Kolkata and Bhubaneshwar regions. We employ interior decorators who work in conjunction with designers; and have a dedicated group of professionals who can handle high end projects.

Designer Furniture Manufacture

We design and manufacture designer furniture. When doing so we focus on your need, budget, comfort, style and aesthetics. We can easily replicate unique designer furniture labels to add that extra style to your living space. Whether you want a Tulip chair, Barcelona Chair, or Victorian style furniture, our designers can make it all! Our interior decorators understand your needs and suggest suitable styles to enhance your living space.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Site Visit

Once all rounds of initial discussions are over, we wait for you to approve the project plan, with or without iterations. We kick start the project once you give a complete go ahead.

A well designed interior is a combination of calculation and inspiration. The ability to understand what won’t work is as important as knowing what actually will. We create a complete presentation based on your inputs and our expertise. We include everything from the type, size and quality of materials to be used to the kind of furniture, placement, fittings, paint color, shades and more.

Once the complete design model is ready, we set to work on the actual implementation.

The first step to enhance your space begins with an introductory meeting. Our experts meet you and understand your need. We believe that a good interior design is contextual in relation to you, your environment, needs and the science of spatial design. If it’s a personal space, the designer tries to gauge your personality, whether you read, do you love music or what makes you comfortable when home? Similarly if you are looking to design your commercial space then what are your needs? Based on the conversation and our understanding we make suggestions.

Once the discussion on cost and timelines are through we come up with a unique plan for your project. Once the initial formalities are done we begin with creating a scaled plan of your space based on size, proportion and function. This is basically is an initial proposal.


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